American football concussion protocol concept with a brain wearing a football helmet for protection with copy space

Our Purpose

It might seem as though there are a lot of people claiming to be "the sports safety" people. We are looking at things from a different angle. We are bringing together the opinion and experience of retired professional athletes, and scientists to cut through the buzz words and garbage to bring you the truth about how to compete in athletics safely.

Meet the Team

Jay Saldi

Nine year NFL veteran with a personal mission to ensure the athletes of today do not suffer any lifelong side effects from continuous play, or accidents that may occur while active in their sport.

Timothy Imholt

When not out being a dad Tim is a scientist with a PhD in Physics. He spent 10 years working at and with MIT scientists on advanced materials typically for safety equipment for soldiers to prevent injuries.

Joining the team

Interested in contributing to our mission? Reach out to us through the "Contact Us" page and ask what you can do!