Concussions Linked to other Health Problems

Part of the job of a scientist is to build complicated systems (experiments) to prove a theory. As a result we (including me) suffer through an issue that demonstrates something that the concussion problem is now uncovering.

That problem is simple. If you build a machine, with hundreds of moving parts, all of which depend upon one another, a faulty part in one place can cause all kinds of problems in many of the other parts of that same machine, ultimately causing lots of failures.

Think of it this way. Build a car, the oil pump goes out, friction in the engine builds up, ultimately you have engine problems.

The same thing applies to the human body. According to a current research project funded by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there is a link between concussion, ALS, CTE, and who knows what else.

As it turns out if you damage the human body’s command center (I hate to say master computer), it can damage lots of other things inside the body. This shows the importance of prevention, or at least methods to reduce the severity of any brain related injuries.

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