Gronkowski concussion – shows that the league is trying

Looking at this past weekends playoff games it is obvious, more so than ever, that the league is trying to make a difference when it comes to head injuries.

How can I make that claim?

  • Gronk is, without a doubt, a key player in the Patriot offense.
  • He was taken out of the game almost at the halfway point.
  • The Patriots trailed for a good portion of that second half, while Gronk was out of the game (not to return)
  • He (Gronk) took a massive helmet to helmet hit and was put into the concussion protocol.

Not even a superstar got around the concussion protocol. He stayed out, when the team would have benefited from his presence.

The article linked below shows some of what the concussion protocol is, and why no one in the league is immune, no matter how large your contract value.

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