If artificial turf causes injuries, why do so many stadiums have it?

We have all watched professional, college level, and even a few high school play sports (especially football) on artificial turf. There are a ton of articles, documentaries, statements from former pro players, trainers, and anyone else you want to list that has said turf fields yield games with a higher injury rate.

So why do college and something like half of the NFL stadiums use it.

Well….it looks better. The playing surface is more consistent, and any number of other publicly stated reasons.

I think we found a new one.

Whenever I’m trying to get to the bottom of a problem I like to follow the money and see where it leads (in the absence of idealism).

In this case I think I found it.

Artificial turf is less expensive to maintain. A typical grass field over 10 years costs more than a quarter million dollars to maintain, whereas an artificial turf can cost as little as fifty grand over that same time. So in other words, player safety might be at risk as a way to save $15 grand a year (at the low end) and far more than that at the high end.

Why are we using this turf again?

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