The change in perception of Football Safety and Participation

I see articles like this one all the time.

Basic concept is “no way, my kid isn’t playing football.”

All the sudden this is the popular view. All the sudden you say? Well, yes because when I was growing up the parents that didn’t let their kid play were the exception, not the rule. If you got hit in the head playing, if you got hurt…take an aspirin walk it off.

Now to be fair, I didn’t play football, I was a baseball guy. I was also a soldier, and in many cases soldiers are told things like “walk it off.”

Now, the attitude is more along the lines of “let’s wrap our kids in bubble wrap and not let anything happen to them…ever.”

There are ways of playing and keeping players safer. There are ways of keeping kids from being injured. They include proper tackling, proper equipment, proper conditioning…You listen to coaches, you learn and you know your body. If we don’t let kids develop good habits (including conditioning) at a young age, they won’t have these skills later. So, should kids play pee-wee football? Honestly it depends on the kid. Not all kids are the same.

I think kids should be allowed to play and be kids. Perhaps touch football is the better way until a later age is probably a reasonable idea for the most part. Flag football also a good idea, but eventually kids are going to tackle kids. Let’s get them the skills to do it and not get hurt.

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