The Emotional Connection of Competition

We see injuries in sports all the time. Certain sports are dangerous.  Football, Boxing, MMA, Hockey all come to mind. If they are so dangerous why do we flock to watch them?

There is a certain grace, a certain beauty to watching a competition among people. How far can we push ourselves, what is the limit? What happens when you reach that limit and someone else goes one step further?

It is only through competition that we answer these questions. Someone emailed in and suggested we “outlaw” football. Ok, that’s one way to go, a dumbass way but one way.

We shouldn’t outlaw anything. What we should do is make things safer whenever possible, then still enjoy them as they are.

I know, a guy who runs a sports injury website saying don’t ban something. That isn’t why we are here, that isn’t the cornerstone of what makes this nation, and our species, great. We thrive on competition and banning it, or saying “don’t do something that might get you hurt” limits the human experience. It limits us as a people.

We need to push limits. We need to take risks, but we must not take unnecessary risks. If things can be made safe, we must strive to do so.

By any means necessary, other than banning it.

As a people we thrive on competition. We bond over it. Think back to what you were doing last Wednesday evening. Remember what it was? Yeah me neither.

Think back to the last time you and your significant other went out to the stadium (whatever stadium and sport it was) and cheered for your favorite team. Who won? What were they wearing? What did you have for a snack?

Can you answer all those questions?

Yeah, I can too. We don’t need to ban anything. We just need to be sure all precautions that can be reasonably taken are being taken.

My little thought for the day.

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